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King's Cross Pond Club Site Goes Live

Kings Cross Pond Club Website

We are very excited to have launched the website for King’s Cross Pond Club!

The pond, entitled ‘Of Soil and Water: the King’s Cross Pond Club’ is an ‘art installation you can swim in’ in King’s Cross, the first of its kind in the UK. It’s man-made and freshwater, chemical free, and filtered by wetland and submerged plants. It is the creation of Ooze Architects and artist Marjetica Porc, and managed by Fusion.

Fusion approached us with a tight deadline to create a website showcasing the pond and allowing people to book tickets. Only 160 people can swim per day so the site had to show sessions and only allow a certain amount of tickets to be sold in each one.

In just 21 days, Digital Marmalade, working with Fusion and brand agency Argent, had designed and built a bold, smart, and user friendly website, with attractive micro UX and animation. It clearly displays days, sessions and the number of tickets left, and has a simple booking path.

The pond is already a roaring success with many days selling out, being featured in numerous press articles, and topping this week’s ‘Things to do list’ on TimeOut (http://www.timeout.com/london/sport-and-fitness/kings-cross-pond-club).

The website itself getting impressive traffic, having over 70,000 unique pageviews in the first week.

Its success is testament to the long hours and incredibly hard work the whole team put in to get it up and running for launch day. It’s a high profile project that had to be right, and we’re really proud to have been involved and to have worked with Fusion to get this over the line!

It is fantastic and innovative piece of land art that won’t be around forever, so we urge you to go and visit the pond and have a dip - hopefully us DM lot will get down there for a swim soon!

Check it out here: www.kingscrosspond.club

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